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The increasing application of manufactured nanomaterials (MNMs) in industrial products requires more knowledge about environmental and human safety (EHS)

Spray paintingThis is especially true for the spray painting process, which produces a high percentage of paint overspray. According to the market analysis, the domestic consumption of industrial paints and coating in Germany is about 1.5 million tons in 2012.

The paint industry in Europe is the world leader in terms of the application of nanomaterials that are increasingly used due to improved characteristics of the paint products.

Questions about the importance of nanoparticle size and distribution in an overspray of a conventional paint and a paint with MNMs, about the difference in a chemical composition of a paint overspray and paint droplets on the work piece, about the potential generation of nanosized particles by atomization processes, etc. could not be clearly answered up to now and have to be studied in the present cooperative research.